Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India  
School Code : 07705                            CBSE Affiliation Number : 2940002

Implementation of ICT (Integration of Computer Technology)

To give further impetus to the computer education programme, a plan of action is made to expand the computer laboratory by increasing the number of computers from the existing 30 to 40 and to integrate computers, internet, surfing of Websites and other learning technologies in teaching learning process. In accordance with the guidelines issued by NVS, computers and other technologies will be used in a comprehensive manner in teaching of all subjects apart from teaching computers as a separate subject.


Computers in Class rooms (Smart room Teaching)

‘Smart Class’ will be made use as per a fixed time table. One day will be allotted to students of every class on rotational basis.  On the day, teachers will use computers, downloaded materials, and specific programmes from educational channels in TATA SKY and present while teaching. This will be in addition to the use of computers in their transactions in computer lab on other days.

Status of Installation of Laptops and other Electronic items in Samsung Smart Lab @ JNV Karaikal:



No. of Laptops installed



No. of Printers



No. of LED TV with Touch Screen



No. of Wi-Fi Access Points



No of Speakers (5.1 Home Theatre)



Status of Internet connectivity(Broad Band/Dial-up)

Broad Band