Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India  
School Code : 07705                            CBSE Affiliation Number : 2940002


A  Library is a treasure house of knowledges, a good library is of great importance importance in a school.

Our Vidyalaya Library has huge collections of books on various subjects. In the Library, there are different types of books, magazines, periodicals and newspapers available for reading. The students benefit a lot from the vidyalaya library. They can increase their knowledge by reading different books on various topics. Thus a good library is an asset to a school as it is a store house of information.                    



As in all other schools, we also have a good Library in our academic building. It is housed in a big hall in first floor of the academic building. There are about 9636(English -6491, tamil -1715 and hindi – 1422) books on various subjects in our Library.


There are Biographies, Textbooks, books on Literature, Reference books, books on hobbies, travels and short story collections besides there are good magazines and periodicals too. The books have been neatly arranged and kept in shelves and Almira’s. The books are classified as per Dewey Decimal Classification schemes and arranged accordingly.


All the students of our vidyalaya have been issued two Library books at a time. The books are issued for 15 days at a time. They have strictly follow this rule at any cost. they to return the books within that stipulated time.


Our Vidyalaya Library  has a reading room where a large tables are placed. Newspapers, Periodicals and Magazines are placed on the table daily for the use of staff and students. They can sit and read materials of their choice.


The School  Library is a good way to develop general knowledge.A School without a good Library cannot inspire its students to seek higher knowledge.Both teachers and students need a good Library to keep their knowledge fresh and up-to-date.students can acquire study habbits by making use of the Library.It creates in them taste and love for books and reading.It gives opportunities to make the best use of ones leisure time.Good books are the best friends of a student.So,it is very essential that they should make the best use of them and always try to increase their knowledge by reading them.